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  • Fall Prevention April 22, 2017
    Injury prevention expert Paige Colburn Hargis will provide information on preventing falls and staying safe in your home at this free event from Scripps ...

About Alastar Family & Senior In-home Care

Alastar Family & Senior In-home Care  

Alastar Family & Senior In-home Care is a privately owned and operated company which provides a personal approach to home care. After all, your loved one is a unique and special person who deserves a unique and special plan. We work with our clients (you or your parent), the family, caregivers, and informal and formal support networks, to assess the needs, offer custom-tailored solutions, and implement good practices to make sure the plan is carried out. We will guide you through the successive steps in developing a comprehensive plan that will give the whole family – peace of mind and satisfaction when you need it most.

Kathy Guglielmo, President

Kathy G, owner of Alastar Home & Senior In-home Care

When the decisions are difficult, the problems overwhelming, and the solutions hard to find, turn to someone you can trust.


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